Individual Users

The YPPN app is ideal for individual users. 

There's NO CONTRACT required and below are a number of other reasons why you should consider additional numbers on your one Smartphone.

Protection and Security

Don't ever give out your real number to new contacts. Whether buying something on Argos or selling on e-Bay, there are some good reasons for not using your real number. Protect your identity when receiving calls and text or making calls and sending text, by using the YPPN app.

Removing unwanted calls and text

As soon as you add your number to an order form or put it on a classified advert, you are saying that you are happy to receive calls or text, even though you really don't want too. Using numbers from YPPN on your Smartphone will protect your real number as using your YPPN number you will have the benefit of being able to stop receiving those unwanted nuisance calls or text.

Mobile and Landline Numbers

The YPPN app allows you to have mobile and landline numbers on your Smartphone. Again, very useful when filling in forms or simply to receive home landline number calls while out, the app gives you the ability to make and receive calls anywhere. Why pay for a landline at home, when you can have the number registered on your smartphone.

Social Media Integration

Popular social media services such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and more, request your contact number to be added to your profile for various reasons...why give them your real number, just use a YPPN app number and achieve the same result...want multiple Whatsapp accounts on your Smartphone, so simply use multiple YPPN app numbers.

Running a social group

A common use of the YPPN app is for people running social clubs, such as football coaches/managers...using a YPPN app number allows you to control your contact with that group by using a separate number.

App Feature for Individuals

Here are the unique features to the YPPN app for individual users to manage their mobile communications through the app settings, which can be changed at anytime you need to.

Day and Time of Day Settings

Set the days and times of day that you are happy to receive calls or text to your YPPN app number...for example; advertising on Autotrader and you really don't want to receive a call while at work, so set the number to receive calls and text at a time that works for you.

Switch the app off at anytime, maybe you don't want to be contacted on a certain day, so simply switch the number off within the time settings for that day. The app gives the option to set times and days for each day of the week in advance or in real-time.

Blocking Unwanted Callers or Text Messages

A very useful feature when you have received an unwanted call or text, maybe you have been searching for a new house and given the number to some estate agents, but no longer want to receive calls from them, but you want to keep your YPPN number...simply block their number (you can always unblock them when you want too)...if they have called and their number is withheld, no problem, Block Last Number on the YPPN app does just that, we will know their number automatically and will block them for you straight away.

Calling and Messaging

Using the YPPN app on your Smartphone allows you to make and receive calls or text without revealing your real mobile number. Whether making the call or replying to a missed call, your YPPN number will be shown to the other person.

Coverage and Connectivity

We all know how mobile networks claim to have good connections everywhere, BUT do they really? we all have experienced poor mobile connections, often when at home or in a shopping centre...with YPPN the app uses unique technology to determine the best connection available and if a wi-fi connection is available, your calls or text will be delivered - no more concern on how many 'bars' showing on your phone.

Using the unique YPPN service also allows you to manually select how you make and receive calls, allowing you to just use GSM if you'd prefer.

Separate Voicemail

Each number you have from YPPN has separate voicemail included, allowing you to have a different welcome message on each number and keeping your real voicemail safe. The YPPN app uses additional security within the voicemail service to prevent your app number voicemails being hacked!

Separate Ringtones

Set a different ringtone for each of your new YPPN numbers to help you know what number the caller has called you on. We have included a nice selection of ringtones and more will be added.

Press 1 for this and 2 for that

As much as phone menu systems (called IVR) can be annoying when we call companies, they do serve a good purpose to help the caller get through to the right department (well most times!)...with the YPPN app as an individual, you will have the benefit of creating your own IVR, you have a YPPN number on your Smartphone and you manage a local football club, set up the IVR so that pressing 1 lets the caller hear a message about the match, press 2 to hear the last match report or 3 for latest details on the training schedule...whatever you want to use the IVR for is up to you.

App to App communication

If you have the YPPN app on your Smartphone and call or message somebody else using the app, the communication is free.


Using the YPPN numbering app is not expensive. There are number options, either a mobile number or a landline geographic number. The landline geographic number is a number for a town or city.

YPPN charge a monthly rental for each number you use, BUT there is no contract and should you only want the number for one month, that is totally up to you and you would only be charged for one months use.

Mobile numbers are charged at £2.99 per month or £19.99 per year if you ant the number for a minimum of 12 months, that giving you a reduced cost of just £1.67 per month.

Landline geographic (town/city) numbers are charged at £5.99 per month or £59.99 if you want the number for 12 months, that giving you a reduced cost of just £4.99 per month.

Call and SMS charges

All UK call charges are just 3p per minute, calls to other YPPN users are FREE.

All UK SMS messages are charged at just 3p per message.

YPPN will be providing International calling and a full charge rate will be made available at that time. YPPN will ensure that these charges are very reasonable.

Connect to your chosen app store for iPhone or Android devices to download the Free YPPN app.