Corporate Users

The YPPN app has been developed to allow staff within any size business to 'bring there own device' i.e. their own Smartphone, rather than be provided a company mobile. This provides the business with extensive cost saving and additionally, YPPN can provide mobile purchasing of a companies existing handsets the company may own. 

Businesses or corporate organisations looking to use the YPPN app are provided with a user portal that allows them to manage the loaded app's activity remotely.

The portal provides management of allocated telephone numbers, porting of numbers from one user to another, features within the app such as limiting call access, and management of the users call charges.

In conjunction with Apple, companies with users on iPhone have additional management features for pre-loading the YPPN app in bulk. 

Should you wish to have the YPPN app branded in your company colours and using your company logo, this is also possible.

Independent Traders

The YPPN app is ideally suited to the independent businesses who may not have (or have the need for) a fixed office address.

With YPPN on your Smartphone, you can have additional mobile and geographic landlines that are all connected and managed on your one Smartphone.

An example of the YPPN's use is the sole trader working in a specific town, but looking to expand to a nearby town. To achieve credibility in the new sales region, the trader can benefit by having a telephone number for their business that is a geographic number for that town, presenting a local image to their new customers.


Using the YPPN numbering app is not expensive. There are number options, either a mobile numbers or landline geographic numbers. The landline geographic number is a number for a town or city.

YPPN charge a monthly rental for each number you use, BUT there is no contract and should you only want the number for one month, that is totally up to you and you would only be charged for one months use.

Mobile numbers are charged at £2.99 per month or £19.99 per year if you want the number for a minimum of 12 months, that giving you a reduced cost of just £1.67 per month.

Landline geographic (town/city) numbers are charged at £5.99 per month or £59.99 if you want the number for 12 months, that giving you a reduced cost of just £4.99 per month.

Call and SMS charges

All UK call charges are just 3p per minute, calls to other YPPN users are FREE.

All UK SMS messages are charged at just 3p per message.

Company users are offered additional calling and messaging cost reductions for having multiple YPPN app users. Please contact us for further details.

Mobile Buy-Back

Companies looking to use the YPPN app for staff, replacing their company provided handset, can benefit from the YPPN mobile buy-back service. So you already provide mobiles to your staff or you are an independent trader with more than one mobile, let us buy those unwanted phones from you. To find out more on this service please get in-touch.