The YPPN app has many benefits

Once you have downloaded the YPPN app and opened it from your home screen, you will be presented with the app's menu of options.

The YPPN Mobile app is currently being used in the following areas:

To protect their identity when using a number from the app in online ordering forms, classified adverts or simply when giving your number to Estate Agents or Car Sales people. Using the YPPN number for their calls and SMS to protect their real number and remove those unwanted cold calls.

Where they are providing the app to staff rather than a second mobile. Saving the company the costs or running a company funded mobile and providingthe company with full control on who the employee makes/receives calls and SMS from.

Small businesses/Traders
Using the app to manage when they receive calls and SMS, helping them manage callers when they can't take a call or out of hours calls. Providing landline numbers as well to improve the image of the business.

Celebrities and Professionals
Retaining privacy from the public domain, ensuring who can/can't contact them and when they can be contacted.

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