Welcome to YPPN

The YPPN app, which stands for 'Your Private Phone Number' allows users the ability to get additional mobile and landline numbers onto their smartphone (apple and android).  It has the ability to totally control who can call and SMS you, you can screen callers, block callers and only allow calls to be received at certain times and hours of the day.  

This allows the caller to keep their personal mobile number private and only give it out to people they would like to have it.  The YPPN service is good for people such as professional sport people, high profile people and any type of business where at certain times they need to be contacted but have the ability to turn it off. The app is available for i-Phone and android smartphones. Find the YPPNphone app in i-tunes app store or YPPN in google play app store, both within the utilities section.

Below are some of the features of the YPPN mobile app:

  • Control; decide which days and times of day that you will accept calls
  • Calls; make and receive your calls through the app and present your new number to the caller, protecting your real number
  • SMS; send and receive SMS to your extra YPPN mobile (or landline) number
  • Block; at any time block or unblock callers, never get disturbed again

Select the day and times of day that you are happy to receive a call. At all other times the caller will be directed to the YPPN voicemail message service. The message service will inform you of missed calls and voicemails when you dial the YPPN voicemail short code.

Connect to your chosen app store for iPhone or Android devices to download the Free YPPN app.